eNav A Suitable Navigation System for the Disabled
Navigation for disabled people in wheelchairs is a huge challenge: stairs and curbstones can already hinder a wheelchair to pass the route. The avail-ability of affordable increasingly powerful smartphones and Internet allows for smart applications, which can help wheelchairs users to find a valid and accessible route. In this paper eNav is presented, which is such an application. It brings to-gether different features to help routing for wheelchairs. eNav links big data from areas of maps, incline and different disability databases to compute the most ener-gy-efficient route between two points. The complex and cumulated data is pre-sented to the disabled in a very simple and understandable manner via desktop PCs or smartphones. By using crowd sourcing technology, eNav users have the possibility to increase the map data used by eNav. An evaluation between the en-ergy-efficient and the shortest route shows that in 41% of all tested routes, the ef-ficient route uses less energy than the shortest.