Smart Data Provisioning for Model-Based Generated Code in an Intensive Care Application
Software modeling tools likeMATLAB/Simulink found their way into contemporary embedded software engineering. These tools relieve the software engineer from implementing constructs like a controller or complex models of physical behavior manually in e.g. C code. Thus, one major field of application for this kind of model-generated code is medical control systems. Nevertheless, the engineer has to manually adapt the interface of the surrounding software environment to the model-generated code during implementation. The developer has to make the input data available to the model. During the complex development process, the adaption of these connections can be very time-consuming and errorprone. In this contribution, we automate the process of data provisioning to the models. For this reason, we introduce a static data structure that can dynamically adapt itself to changes in the requirements of the overlying model. Since the provisioning model is based on static data structures, we are able to fully predict memory consumption and the runtime behavior of the data management.
A. Stollenwerkfl, F. Göbe, M. Walter, J. Arens, R. Kopp and S. Kowalewski