Closed loop physiological ECMO control
Patients suffering acute lung failure depend on artificial ventilation in order to survive. In severe cases even this is not sufficient any more and long term extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is applied as a last chance rescue ther-apy. Adapted from short term cardiopulmonary bypass these machines now need an increased ability for autonomuous and unsupervised operation. Apart from the material aspects (he-molysis and long term biocompatibility) a prerequisite for safe and reliable operation is the implementation of an adequate automation- and safety scheme. Extending previous work [1,2] where we focused on machine internal control and the model-ing of the biological process, this paper presents an integrated control of the physiological target values.
Walter, M., Brendle, C., Arens, J., Stollenwerk, A., and Kopp, R., Bensberg, R., and Leonhardt, S